Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has announced that the federal government has decided to conduct an audit of power plants established during the stint of the previous government led by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, the minister claimed that the PML-N government signed agreements to produce electricity at extremely high costs adding that the incumbent regime had already started the audit of two power plants.
The minister alleged that the Quaid-e-Azam solar plant was the most expensive power plant in the world adding that the price of electricity was increased by Rs1.32 owing to different power plants.
‘The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has initiated inquiry against LNG plants set-up in Punjab,’ revealed the minister.
The lawmaker expressed that during its last two years, the PML-N government increased the power tariff to Rs15.53 per unit.

The electricity which was generated at that cost is being sold to the people for Rs11.71 per unit, said the minister.
Fawad Chaudhry continued that PML-N carried out ‘criminal acts’ citing that the regime took decisions and huge loans without any economic plans.
It is not fair to blame the current government for PML-N’s failed policies, observed the legislator.
The politician vowed that there will be no compromises on the process of accountability saying, it is not the government’s but the decision made by public to hold the corrupt accountable.
‘Some friends suggest that we should not go against opposition parties, when everything has to run like this then what is the need for PTI to be in power,’ Chaudhry wondered.
He further said that the government is taking steps against money laundering and to increase investment in the country.
Chauhdry clarified that the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) calculates the power tariff and the body was established by the previous governments not the sitting one.
‘NEPRA informed us that we should increase the prices of electricity or incur a loss on a daily basis,’ he added while stating that the demand for electricity stands at 14,000MW today.
The information minister also clarified that no decision regarding a hike in power tariffs was taken during the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) meeting and a decision will be taken during the next ECC meeting.
Chauhdry also stated that the premier Imran Khan will take the nation into confidence regarding all matters soon.
Pakistan’s future is bright and there will be good news soon, he affirmed.
Commenting on the by-polls that were held on October 14, the information minister stated that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) set a new example as no minister visited any constituency.

Govt to conduct audit of power plants set-up by PML-N: Info Min Fawad Ch

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered all cellular companies to remove additional taxes imposed on postpaid connections.
A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar heard the case on Tuesday wherein Advocate General Ahmad Awais told the court that the Punjab government was incurring a loss of Rs2 billion per month due to the additional charges.
On the occasion, the Sindh advocate general informed the bench that the provincial government was also incurring a loss of Rs1 billion per month.
“If you stop charging commission, these losses can be reduced,” remarked Chief Justice Nisar and advised the provinces to curb corruption.
Further, the top judge criticised the excessive service charges billed to the postpaid consumers.

“If you buy Rs100 worth of credit, Rs25 are deducted. What are these service charges?” the top judge wondered.
The tax deducted on each call is received by the national exchequer, however, Rs25, deducted as service charges, are not given to the board, said the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) legal representative.
The federal and provincial governments requested the court to grant some time to submit their responses.
The CJP  remarked that the court will hear the case later and adjourned the hearing on additional taxes on mobile phone cards and easy loads till six months.
Statistically, current taxes charged on postpaid subscriptions include a withholding tax of 12.5% and General Sales Tax (GST) at either 17.5% or 18.5%.
Back in June, the Supreme Court removed taxes and administrative charges of mobile phone companies for prepaid users.
The apex court had asked the FBR earlier to find a way to tax mobile phone customers in a manner so that only those under the tax net have to pay the taxes.
With the suspension of withholding taxes on prepaid services, the federal govt is losing around Rs. 120 million per day. The provincial governments are losing Rs. 160 million (combined) because of the suspension of GST on mobile services.

Postpaid users overjoyed as SC bars cellular companies from levying additional taxes

Lahore High Court (LHC) dismissed on Tuesday an appeal of Amin Ansari, the father of six-year-old Zainab Amin,  demanding a public hanging of his daughter’s rapist and murderer, Imran Ali.
A two-member bench of LHC comprising Justice Sardar Shamim Ahmed and Justice Shehbaz Rizvi heard the appeal of Amin Ansari, who asked the court to publicly hang Imran Ali, whose death sentence is scheduled on Oct 17.
During the hearing, Amin Ansari’s lawyer argued that Ali can be executed in public under Section 22 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997. The bench responded that only the government has the authority to order a public execution under Section 22.
“You have come here so late. The date of the hanging has been fixed for tomorrow [Oct 17],” said Justice Shamim.

Ishtiaq urged the court to “allow a live telecast of the hanging inside the jail”. He said that his client was ready to bear the expenses if the court were to allow them to take a camera inside the jail.
The court dismissed Amin’s appeal.

The case

Imran Ali, a resident of Kasur, was accused of being involved in at least nine incidents of rape and murder of minors, including Zainab’s, which he had confessed to during her murder investigation.
Seven-year-old Zainab was kidnapped from near her aunt’s house in Kasur on January 4 and was found dead in a garbage heap five days later.
On January 23, the authorities claimed to have nabbed Imran, a serial killer involved in other such crimes, through a DNA match.
On February 17, the anti-terrorism court (ATC) hearing the high-profile case sentenced Imran to death four times.
In total, Ali has been sentenced to 21 counts of death, three life sentences and a cumulative 23 years in jail.
Ali was found guilty under sections 364-A (kidnapping or abducting a person under the age of fourteen), 376 (3) (rape of minor), 302-B (punishment for qatl-i-amd) of the Pakistan Penal Code and section 7(a) (punishment for acts of terrorism) of the Anti-terrorism Act, 1997.
He was also fined Rs6 million (Rs2m per victim) and ordered to pay Rs3m (Rs1m per victim) as compensation to the victims’ families.

Zainab murder case: LHC dismisses appeal for public hanging of Imran Ali

Shehbaz Sharif to attend NA session tomorrow

Top 10 Health Tips for Men 2018

Here are some Healthy and Valuable Top 10 Health Tips For Men. Hope these Tips Help you to be a perfect Men. So, Without wasting time Let's come to main topic for which you are here.

1. Find a Doctor: 
                               Choose one of that specialist for one's you are comfortable and can discuss each and every aspects of your Health, So discuss your all aspects from your mental state to your sexual functions to be a perfect Men.

2. See that Doctor:
                               Looking Well does not means that you are actually Well. Never Ignore pains like ( Back Pain, Head Pain and Chest Pain e.t.c ) . Unfortunately, Men's have tendency to avoid these types of Pains. He thinks am Strong why I see a doctor? . So, If you want to be a perfect Men then See a Doctor.

3. Get informed: 
                           You would like to be learned and comprehend that you shouldn't overlook side effects or dissensions, yet you would prefer not to self-analyze."

4. Vary your Workout:
                           It's general that when ever you do the same things your body get tired. The body gets exceptionally agreeable when you generally do a similar exercise. You must continue differing your activities, and they must be an age-suitable blend of high impact exercise, muscle preparing, and extending.

Fitness Tips

5. Eat to Thrive:
                         Getting enough Food is critical. "It's more imperative than whatever else with the exception of perhaps rest," Lamm says. "Concentrate on supplements instead of calories," and eat an assortment of sound nourishments. "You can't accomplish ideal nutrition with restricted decisions."

6. Prioritize Sleep:
                         "Get no less than 7 hours. That is not something you should trade off. Men figure they can defeat lack of sleep by practicing or whatever," yet that is an awful idea, Lamm says.

7. Check your Head:
                        "Psychological well-being is incredibly essential. Consider a few things: Are you drinking excessively? Is it true that you are focusing on indications of gloom or bipolar issue, which regularly get missed? On the off chance that you have a family history of psychological maladjustment, suicide, or potentially substance mishandle, you truly require somebody to enable you to survey the signs and sideeffects."

8. Care for your Prostate: 
                                        "The prostate develops as you get more seasoned. You'll in all likelihood have indications, as urinary issues. An extremely sound, low-fat eating regimen will decrease the probability of prostate development and may lessen the danger of prostate tumor."

9. Look Forward Everyday:
                                           "Look forward each day, to helping out yourself consistently, regardless of whether it's a run or tuning in to a book recording or rehearsing reflection or yoga. Try not to set aside the greater part of your a good time for excursion." Hope you pay heed to these Tips.

                                      TRY AGAIN and again is the best policy that help you out in reducing your weight, maintain your health, maintain your body and never lose hope. 

Top 10 Health Tips for Men 2018

Taking a step to realise another pledge made during election campaign, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the formation of a special executive council for creating of a new province comprising areas of south Punjab.
A notification for the council will be issued in two days, local media reported. Headed by Chaudhry Bashir, the new body will comprise Samiullah, Sardar Ali Raza, Chaudhry Akram, Dost Mohammad Mazari, Anwar A. Khan, and Sahibzadar Ghazeen Abbas.
The special council will be responsible to give suggestions on the creation of the new province and its administrative matters. It will also recommend either Multan or Bahawalpur as a capital of the new province after consideration.

During the campaign for 2018 General Elections, the PTI had included the formation of a new province in South Punjab to their election manifesto after a newly-emerged party named Junoobi Punjab Suba Mahaz joined the Imran Khan-led party.
The new province is likely to be formed without resistance as two major opposition parties, Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz are in favour of it.
According to Article 239 of the Constitution, the process of creating new provinces requires a two-thirds majority in separate votes in the National Assembly and Senate and then a further two-third majority in the provincial assembly  of the affected province.

PM Imran orders special body formation for creation of ‘south Punjab’ province

JazzCash achieves 4 million active Mobile Account subscribers
JazzCash has achieved yet another milestone by attaining four million active Mobile Account subscribers. Also, transaction values have increased significantly crossing the PKR 350 billion mark during the first six months of the current year – 85% increase compared to the corresponding period last year. More than 190 million transactions were carried out through JazzCash Mobile Accounts during the first six months of the current year compared to 115 million sales in the corresponding period last year – an increase of 65%.

JazzCash has 4 million active Mobile Account subscribers

Commenting on the milestone, Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer – Jazz, said, “JazzCash has always endeavored to provide state-of-the-art financial services readily responding to the demand from its ever-growing base of valued subscribers. The significant surge in transactions performed through the Mobile Account is a further testament to the fact that our customers put a great deal of confidence in the services we offer”.

Also, during the year JazzCash introduced revamped Mobile App and an all-new Online Banking portal for its customers. The interface for Mobile App is based on the global best practices with new features that would further enhance overall customer experience. The new Mobile App allows customers of any mobile network to register for their Mobile Account and access all services such as Send Money, Pay Bills, Mobile Load, Payments, Request Money, Invite Friends and QuickPay QR Payments.
The all-new Online Banking portal makes JazzCash the first branchless banking player to offer such an interface to its customers. The simplified service allows customers to instantly review their recent transactions and initiate all operations from a single screen. The Online Banking is secured with beneficiary management allowing customers to securely and safely perform their financial transactions.
JazzCash also introduced new and improved EMV (chip-based) VISA Debit Card for Mobile Account subscribers which is the most secure card currently available in the market. The card can be conveniently ordered through an online portal and will be delivered to the customers’ given address. EMV VISA Debit Card provides convenience for shopping at more than 50,000 merchants nationwide or withdrawing cash at any bank’s ATM.
JazzCash Mobile Account is increasingly becoming popular in providing digital financial services to Pakistanis from all backgrounds. With a simplified USSD interface and Mobile App that is available for both iOS and Android devices, the account can be accessed anytime, anywhere by customers across the country who can deposit and withdraw cash from over 75,000 JazzCash Agents. The product fulfills all basic financial services needs of the customers including deposits, money transfer, bill payments, mobile top-ups, savings, insurance, ATM cards and fees for a variety of services.

JazzCash Hits 4 Million Active Mobile Account Subscribers Milestone

Twitter Under DGPR Investigation
Twitter is under investigation by Irish privacy authorities over its refusal to provide information about how twitter tracks him/her when clicks on links in tweets.
Whenever a person adds a link into a tweet, twitter converts the link through their link-shortening service, Twitter says they use the to measure how many times a link has been clicked and helps it fight the spread of malware through cloaked links.

Twitter Under Formal Investigation for How It Tracks Users in the GDPR Era

Michael Veale, a privacy researcher who works at University College London, suspects that Twitter gets more information whenever a person clicks on a link in a tweet, and he is diverting through According to Michael, Twitter might be leaving cookies into their browser to track what the are looking on the web.
Veale asked Twitter to provide him with all the personal data Twitter holds on him, as it is his right under new General Data Protection Regulations.
Twitter refused to provide the data; they record when Veale clicked on a link in other people’s tweets saying providing this information would take relatively too large effort for a small task. Back in August Veale complained to Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), they informed Veale on Thursday about opening an investigation. Twitter’s European operations are operated from Dublin, that’s why Veale complained in Ireland.

“The DPC has initiated a formal statutory inquiry in respect of your complaint,” the watchdog said in a letter to Veale. “The inquiry will examine whether or not Twitter has discharged its obligations in connection with the subject matter of your complaint and determine whether or not any provisions of the GDPR or the [Irish Data Protection] Act have been contravened by Twitter in this respect.”
The regulatory authority also said the complaint was to be handled by the new European Data Protection Board. It is a body that helps national data protection authorities coordinate their GDPR enforcement efforts – as Veale’s complaint “involves cross-border processing.”
“When Twitter told Veale that it would not hand over the data it held on his tracking via links, it claimed the GDPR allowed it to do so on “disproportionate effort” grounds. However, Veale said Twitter was misinterpreting the text of the law, and that this exemption cannot be used to limit so-called access requests, such as the one he made.”, reported by Fortune.
It is first ever GDPR investigation opened about Twitter. Veale recently prompted a similar case into Facebook, and they refused to hand over data held on users “web-browsing activities.” Facebook is already under investigation of multiple GDPR complaints.
“Data which looks a bit creepy, generally data which looks like web-browsing history, [is something] companies are very keen to keep out of data access requests,” said Veale.
Michale mentioned Twitter was definitely recording times at which users clicked on links and also getting information about their device. According to Him, it is possible for Twitter to determine the rough location of the user. It is mention in Twitter’s privacy policy that Advertisers may collect IP addresses when people click on their links, but whether Twitter retains that information, it is not yet disclosed.
“The user has a right to understand,” Veale said.
When a company is found to be breaching terms of GDPR, they face fines of $23.2 million or 4 percent of global annual revenue. That means if a company’s 4% annual revenue is greater than $23.2 million they will have to pay by percentage. Twitter had $2.4 billion revenues in 2017, that means a GDPR find could cost $96 million to the company.
Twitter has not said anything about the investigation so far.

Twitter is Being Investigated for How It Tracks Users

Image result for Samsung Galaxy A9
Samsung Electronics announced today the all-new Galaxy A9, a smartphone built for those who love to explore, capture the moment and share it as they see it. The pioneering Galaxy A9 debuts the world’s first rear quad camera and is packed with features designed to help consumers live each day to the fullest.

Samsung has officially announced their new Samsung Galaxy A9

The Galaxy A9 is tailored for those who know what they want and go after it. Whether it’s capturing a dare-devil selfie or that perfect panorama, the Galaxy A9 is the ultimate companion for capturing and sharing everyday adventures, no matter where life takes you.
“As a global leader in smartphone innovation, we understand the demand for meaningful innovation in a fast-paced world driven by visual communication,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Building on our legacy in smartphone camera development we’re introducing next-generation technology across our entire Galaxy portfolio to give more consumers the opportunity to experience cutting-edge innovation. We’re excited to deliver on this promise and debut world leading smartphone camera technology with the Galaxy A9.”
In an exciting and connected world where moments and memories, from every day to the once-in-a-lifetime, are captured and shared instantly, the smartphone has become so much more than just a phone to consumers. That’s why the Galaxy A9 is packed with Samsung’s best camera innovations, to enable all consumers to achieve more, experience more and unlock more possibilities every day.

The Innovative Rear Quad Camera

The Galaxy A9 allows you to capture dynamic and beautiful photos effortlessly. With four lenses, experience even more ways to unleash your creativity and capture, create and share stunning images.
  • Get close without compromise with 2x Optical Zoom for incredible and detailed close-up shots even from far away.
  • Capture the world in its fullest and without limit, with the Ultra Wide Lens, and shoot like a pro with the Scene Optimizer. Thanks to AI Scene Recognition, your camera is now smarter, and able to identify the subject and adjust settings accordingly for the best photo, in an instant.
  • Express your creativity with the Depth Lens, giving you the freedom to manually manage the photos’ depth of field and focus on the subject for stunning, professional looking images.
  • Capture clear and bright images in both bright and low light conditions with Galaxy A9’s 24MP Main Lens, for gorgeous photos at any time of the day.

Powerful New Features For Exceptional all-day Performance

The reliable 3,800mAh battery life on the Galaxy A9 lets you live without limits and enjoy the outstanding long-lasting performance. You can now capture everything, without restriction, store more and delete less with the Galaxy A9’s 128GB storage and up to 512GB of expandable memory.
Designed to make life more convenient, the Galaxy A9 features Bixby, Samsung Pay and Samsung Health and you can take advantage of the many multi-tasking benefits the Galaxy A9 offers, including App Pair.

First Class Design

Building on Samsung’s heritage in first-class design, the Galaxy A9 is styled in three unique colors; Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink with a sleek and ergonomic design, that fits in one hand with a 3D Glass curved back for a high-quality comfortable feel. The Galaxy A9 will be available in selected markets from November.
Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3,720 mAh. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
  1. Availability of Bixby services may vary by market and Bixby voice only supports Bixby 1.0.
  2. Availability of Service may vary by country
  3. Available colors may vary depending on the country

Samsung Galaxy A9 Product Specifications

Galaxy A9
Display6.3” Full HD+ Super AMOLED, 1080×2220
*Screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners
CameraRear: quad camera
  • Main Camera: 24MP AF, F1.7
  • Telephoto : 2X optical zoom, 10MP AF, F2.4
  • Ultra Wide: 120°, 8MP, F2.4
  • Depth : 5MP, F2.2
Front: 24MP, F2.0
Body162.5 x 77 x 7.8 mm, 183g
APOcta Core (2.2GHz Quad + 1.8GHz Quad)
Memory6GB RAM, 128GB + MicroSD Slot (up to 512GB)
8GB RAM, 128GB + MicroSD Slot (up to 512GB)*
*May differ by market and mobile operator
*User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the device features. Actual user memory will vary depending on the operator and may change after software upgrades are performed
Battery3,800mAh (typical)
*Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3,720 mAh. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
OSAndroid 8.0 (Oreo)
Network3CA, LTE Cat.9
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz), VHT80 MIMO,  Bluetooth® v 5.0 (LE up to 2Mbps), ANT+, USB Type-C, NFC, Location (GPS,  Galileo*, Glonass, BeiDou*)
*Galileo and BeiDou coverage may be limited.
PaymentSamsung Pay (NFC)*
*The availability may vary by country, device, feature, card issuer and merchant
SensorAccelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, Proximity Sensor, RGB Light Sensor
VideoMP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM

Samsung introduces New Galaxy A9 First Ever Quad Camera Phone

Put away the spreadsheets and stop crunching numbers, because one word is all it's going to take Wednesday to send stock, bond and currency prices gyrating around the globe.
The word is "patient," a term used in written and verbal communications by the Federal Reserve since late last year to tip Wall Street off to the fact that the U.S. central bank isn't in too much of a rush to hike interest rates for the first time in nine years.
But that could change Wednesday if the Janet Yellen-led Fed, when it breaks from its two-day meeting, omits "patient" from its policy statement as many Wall Street pros expect. If it jettisons the now infamous term, it is code for "rate hikes are coming," perhaps as soon as June. The Fed, of course, could stay the course, and reaffirm that it will practice patience and keep rates near zero until later in 2015.

Here are three possible Fed scenarios and how markets might react:
1. Fed drops "patient" language. Hints June rate hike on table.
This is likely the most bearish outcome and most disruptive to markets, investment strategists say. It means rates are likely to move higher in three months' time, which normally gets Wall Street nervous and also runs counter to the market's belief that the Fed "won't be too aggressive," says Bill Hornbarger, Moneta Group's chief investment strategist.
"Anything that contradicts that will likely result in a negative reaction," he says.
In this scenario, which is not a high-probability outcome, U.S. large-company stocks would likely sell off, as the dollar would continue to surge higher against other currencies, such as the euro. An even stronger dollar would put additional downward pressure on earnings of U.S. multinationals. U.S. long-term government bond prices would also sell off, pushing yields higher.
2. Fed drops "patient" language but pledges patience, slow pace.
This would be the most "benign" outcome and cause the least volatility, says Michael Farr, president of money-management firm Farr Miller & Washington. If the Fed maintains that it will move slowly and doesn't telegraph a rate-hike liftoff date, stocks and bonds, for the most part, would likely trade sideways and the dollar's ascent would be more gradual.
"This is the consensus opinion," says Farr. "The silliness surrounding the word patience has gotten out of control. Removing the word "patient" does not mean the Fed will definitely hike in June, and we think a growing consensus understands this."
3. Fed leaves "patient" language in.
"Global markets would rejoice," says Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial.
It would signal a so-called "dovish" Fed, or one erring on the side of keeping rates lower for longer.
"Investors are expecting the Fed to signal either scenario 1 or 2, but not 3," says Nick Sargen, senior investment adviser at Fort Washington Investment Advisors. "Therefore, the biggest market response would be if it kept "patient" in the statement — stocks would fly and bonds would rally." The dollar would likely pull back as well, helping big U.S. stocks that do a lot of business abroad.

Market reaction to Fed rate talk: 3 scenarios

Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has directed the authorities to form a board for verification of the qualification degrees of employees appointed in Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television.
The degrees of the employees who were appointed after 2008, when the Pakistan People Party (PPP) formed the federal government, will be verified.
A three- member board headed by Director General internal publicity wing Ministry of Information will carry out the verification process which will be started from senior officials. The minister has given one month to complete the process.
The officers and employees, who will be found involved in fake degrees will have to deposit all received salaries. Besides, notices will also be served on the officers who appointed them.

Earlier, Fawad Chaudhry had said that PPP destroyed all institutions including Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) by filling in its own cronies, adding that in three days Khursheed Shah filled 800 people only in Radio which cost seven crores (70 million) additional burden.
In September, the PTI government also faced strong response from the Radio Pakistan employees over a proposal to shift the headquarters and give the existing premises on a long-term lease.
The government, however, had to succumb to the pressure as it withdrew its plan to lease the premises of Radio Pakistan.

Govt decides to verify degrees of PTV, Radio Pakistan employees

AvaTrade has been an innovative pioneer in online trading since 2006. The company was created as a combined effort of financial professionals and experts in web-commerce with the goal of perfecting the on-line experience for retail traders.

Within a few short years, AvaTrade has expanded enormously, with over twenty thousand registered customers globally executing more than two million trades a month. The company's total trading volumes surpass $60 billion per month.

AvaTrade's user-oriented perspective, combined with solid financial backing, is unique in the field of on-line trading. From its 24-hour multilingual support desks to its broad range of platforms and services, AvaTrade has created the optimal trading environment for every level of trader. AvaTrade's wide scope includes a full spectrum of trading instruments including Forex, stocks, commodities and indices.

Ava is a multi-national company with regional offices and sales centers in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo, Sydney and New York. The company's administrative headquarters are in Dublin.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a novice, AvaTrade's adaptable trading platforms and services provide you with the right balance of simplicity and sophistication. It's no wonder that Ava has earned nine industry awards since 2009.

We invite you to join the thousands of traders and affiliates who have chosen AvaTrade as their preferred trading portal. Click here to get started.

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