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How to Be the Prettiest Girl in School

  1. Being the "prettiest girl in school" is about more than just dressing a certain way. It's about a whole image that radiates beauty. Here is a how-to guide on getting to be the best version of you that you can be.

    Part 1 of 3: Take Care of Your Body

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      Eat healthy. This is an important step in making your body, mind and self better. By eating more vegetables, fruits and protein you are going to feel more energetic, your skin will clear up and you will feel better about the way you look. It's not about depriving yourself so that you are stick skinny, but it's about cleaning yourself out of those processed foods.
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    Get into shape. Take the time to hit the gym or go for a run. Again, it's not about being thin, so much as it is about feeling good about yourself. The endorphins you get from working out can make you more productive and happier. There are so many ways these days to get fit. Many people go running every day. Some people do workout videos. Some people go to the gym. Some use Wii fitness games, hand weights, run up and down the stairs, hike, or just dance around the house. All of these will improve your stamina and will give you a pep to your step that is going to be noticeable. Also, working out will make your skin glow, your clothes fit better and will make you overall happier with your body.
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    Take care of your skin. Cleanse your face every night and exfoliate once a week to be spot free and have a soft and smooth face. Always use lotions to keep your skin hydrated and apply these after hot showers or before bed. Use sunless tanner or lotion to get a glow to your skin without all of the harmful effects of tanning.

Part 2 of 3: Get The Look Right

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    Flatter your body. One of the most sought after shapes is the hourglass! Try to mirror this look by cinching your waist and adding layers to your hips and bust. Or work with your body shape to find the clothes that best fit you. Get clothing pieces tailored so that they fit you properly. A good fit will make all the difference especially in something like jeans that you wear everyday.
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    Always look put together. This means before you leave the house make sure that you look well enough that you would happily run into an ex-crush. If you feel like you look too casual, too messy or not cute, run back into your house and add some mascara, redo your hair or pick a different outfit. Having the whole look is what is going to make you the prettiest girl in school.
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    Switch up how you wear your hair. Always wear your hair in new ways, this will draw attention to you in a positive way. Try different braids, buns, and curly/straight styles to mix up your look. By adding accessories, people will start to appreciate how much effort you put into your look and start asking you for tips!
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    Spend time doing your make up. To look beautiful, create big, bright eyes and plump lips. These are two features that both men and women respond to well. Put on your lipstick using a brush to give yourself more control around the edges and to create a plump lip. Then apply highlighter powder under and around the eyes. Use a white liner on the bottom inner rim of your eye and then a dark color to line the lash line on top to create a larger eye. Always use neutral eye shadows over bold colors as these will open the eye and leave you looking natural pretty. When adding blush, you want to create a soft look on your face, so never use harsh blushes or bronzers as those also don't look natural.
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    Take care of your nails. Always have them cut, shaped, and buffed. If you can keep up the maintenance, try painting them fun and bold colors. This will make you look more put together. It's the little details like that people notice.
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    Complement the right way. Try adding hair accessories, belts, jewelry, and bags to your outfit to create a complete look. Never overdo it. One watch, one belt or one headband are all statement pieces and don't need much more to go with them.
    • Instead of a book bag, carry a bag. This will make you look more fashionable and help you stand out. Have a variety of bags so that you aren't always using the same ones.

Part 3 of 3: Have the Right Attitude

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    Don’t be cruel. While Regina George makes it look glamorous, being mean to other girls does not make you look prettier. In fact, most girls will gravitate and look up to girls who are nice to everyone. So instead of hurting people's feelings, make them feel good about themselves. They will have a more positive image of you that way!
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    Be confident and exude confidence. Always be sure of who you are and don't let people change you. The best way to show that you are the prettiest girl in school is to never change who you are, why should you need to?. Besides, you'll look prettier if you also look confident, and the best way to do is, besides taking care of how you look, walking with a straight posture and a slight sway on your hips.
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    Take the time to do the little things for people. This goes a long way when it comes to getting people to like you. By taking the time to compliment someone or help someone out, they are going to, in turn, have a higher opinion of you. This will make the difference when it comes to be just pretty, and the pretty girl everyone wants to be like.

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