Published On:Friday, 3 April 2015
Posted by Chaudhry

MCB Lite Backed by Prepaid Visa Card Gets Tremendous Response in Pakistan

MCB Lite is the service which MCB Bank of Pakistan have recently launched publicly. It is socially connected Mobile Payment solution which MCB bank claims is first of its kind in entire world. It not only makes transfer of Money easier between and socially connected group of friends, it also comes with Pakistan’s second Prepaid Visa Card after the UBL’s Wiz prepaid cards. MCB lite visa backed card holds plenty of good features which include ATM withdrawal, ATM Transfer, use at POS Terminals while purchasing stuff and most importantly online payments to app stores as well as other websites which accept payments through Visa.
In fact for Pakistanis the best part is Online Payments and those all with full satisfaction and less of worry. Let me tell you how. As its Prepaid or Mobile account which have no minimum balance limit, so if you are willing to pay online, you can load the money just equal to the amount you have to pay online and then you go online and pay. Now after online payment done, card will not have any amount left, so you don’t have to worry about someone using your card illegally after the payment is done and no activity is required for next couple of months.
Also in Pakistan if someone is willing to make online payments through visa or mastercard, you must know that ATM cards which are also Visa/Master Card backed Debit Cards, of most Pakistani banks can only be used as ATM cards or for POS purchases but can’t be used online with exception of couple of Banks. This leaves people with the option of getting Visa/Master Card backed credit card. Not every one here in Pakistan can afford credit cards due to high service charges, very high markup and specially very strict criteria/terms and conditions to even be eligible to get a credit card.
In such situation when most of Debit Cards can’t be used online and its difficult to get or afford credit cards, services like Prepaid Visa Cards usable online are ray of Hope. MCB Lite is one of them. In Pakistan UBL had launched such visa cards, specially their Wiz Internet card had a high demand. UBL however didn’t managed it well it cards were gone short in their branches country wide. I remember I had visited their five branches in a day in Rawalpindi and Islamabad in a day but had not got the card due to it was short and they had no clue when they will get it. So I had gave up on that. I had also read reviews about that wiz card online which were not very positive and people had trouble in getting online payments cleared.
So there was a lot of space for service like MCB Lite to come and fill the gap. Not so long ago this service is launched and I already have applied for this one. I actually have got a package from them. Which includes their card and some other stuff including a from I have to fill and submit on nearest branch to get my card and lite account active which I will do soon. Also I will use it online for Payments on different sites and will come back with how good was my experience.

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