Published On:Saturday, 21 November 2015
Posted by Chaudhry

Sexual waywardness in the UK arising from the discovery of a new disease


London: Scientists have revealed that millions of people would not even be alive for a sexually transmitted infection, and it did not have any obvious symptoms.

 Mycoplasma Janet Lim (GM), the infection was discovered 30 years ago and now has revealed that it can be transferred from person to person through sex, from 16 to 44 year of one percent of the British population suffers from this disease. and not even know it. Whoever has sex with many people who may have the disease present, the disease may be present in 90 percent of men although the disease is not fatal, but it irritate the urinary tract, as well as women, could also is barren. 

The experts and doctors warned that tender, grinder and other apps and utilities that people are using for sex,  the cause of many diseases, including AIDS, because people are using these apps for sex. According to doctors, such as HIV infection and other diseases in a ‘storm’ will burst. 

In the UK, only Syphilis and Gonorrhea rate increases by 33 and 19 percent respectively in 2014, and according to the doctors there is only one way to prevent them, and that caution and be limited to your life partner. 

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