Published On:Thursday, 5 May 2016
Posted by Chaudhry

No pain, no gain : The workout that got Katrina the super-flat stomach of your dreams

No pain, no gain : The workout that got Katrina the   super-flat stomach of your dreams

Before we begin, let’s accept that Rome wasn’t built in a day and those fabulous abs you’ve spotted on model-turned-actress Katrina Kaif recently didn’t just get there on their own.
But if you’re thinking that beach bods only exist in the movies and fashion editorials, you’re wrong. Following a regular fitness routine combined with a wholesome diet can help anyone achieve a leaner, healthier body.
So how did Katrina Kaif tone up and strengthen that core? A whole lot of training and dedication. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, spills the beans.
She told Vogue that, generally, Kaif does a mixture of pilates, functional training, plyometrics, TRC and cardio every single day. For the abs, Yasmin Karachiwala ensured she did an hour of pilates and 45 minutes of cardio daily.
You cannot put a cap on the time it takes to get flat abs, though. Karachiwala believes that to get that body, it really depends on where you start. “Understand what your fitness level is and how your body responds to it. Katrina has an amazing fitness level, so to achieve those abs, we just had tweak her workout a little.”
You have to sync your exercise routine with your food intake. Kaif doesn’t follow a particular diet. “She eats smart and listens to her body and needs – she avoids gluten, dairy and sugar and tries to include protein, fibre and good fats in all her meals,” reveals Karachiwala. So basically, you need to have discipline in your diet. 

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