Published On:Sunday, 11 December 2016
Posted by Chaudhry


Hello! My name is Jacob and I would like to tell you how Richmond Berks company helped me achieve the results I strived after for years. I will describe how I will finally bring my dreams to life with the help of real estate investments and introduce my start-up to the world!
But first, I will tell you a little about myself. I live in the state of California, and, like the majority of the local youth, I hope to one dayjoin the titans of the Silicon Valley. The lack of funds to attend an expensive university didn’t stop me from learning how to program and assemble a group of friends who helped me in the technical and other fields work.
I won’t mention the details of my start-up, to avoid making people think that I am using this as a means of advertisement, and besides, this is not what I want to talk to you about. I want to tell you how I successfully fulfilled all my plans thanks to investments.
About four years ago I began to develop an application. But I also had to work other jobs at the same time in order to save money to be able to implement my project and afford food and rent. For this reason, the development was delayed for far too long. A year later I decided to involve other programmers. Some were my good friends from before, others became friends in the process of the project development. Our team grew bigger and stronger on our way to success.
Of course, salaries were out of the question, but the idea was gradually developing as it foundits embodiment and grew bigger and better. However, it didn’t always go as smoothly.
During its development process, our application had open access on certain resources simply for insight and familiarisation reasons, and perhaps for people to give provide us with some advice and criticism. But the outcome was completely different.
As it turned out, there already was an application with pretty much the same algorithm that was created long before us. This was brought forward to us on one such forum where our project was located. After a break, we decided to reassemble in 2014 and rethink our project in such a way that its concept adhered to our line of work but change the projects profile and functionality, to avoid coming across yet another giant competitor, a battle with whom would be pointless.
But as it turned out, our algorithm provided us with far more opportunities than we had initially planned. In this way we came up with a few options for the project’s future development and began to choose among them. Once we found the option that we thought was most appropriate, relevant and doable, we got to work.
We worked on the project for almost 2 years. In summer 2016 it was completed and ready for release. However, the launch required an unbelievably large amount of money, which we obviously  couldn’t come up with. So we turned to crowdfunding. For those who are new to it, crowdfunding is a fund-raising method for one cause or another by means of sharing it on certain resources available on the Internet and establishing the necessary price. Anyone who wanted to support the project sent us money – some more, some less. Every little makes a mickle.
The project’s launch required approximately 150,000 dollars, which was a lot. We only managed to collect 50,000, but our investors refused to take back their money. And we had to find a way to multiply what we had.
Of course, working for so long with the Internet, we know how to make money on it and how to multiply it. We voted and decided to choose Richmond Berks company because it offered the most reliable and profitable terms. We invested all 50,000. All or nothing!
A month later we celebrated our first income from the investment. 21,000 was transferred to our account. We will be able to launch our project in only 8 months and we have already begun the preparations!
On behalf of my team, I would like to thank Richmond Berks company from the bottom of my heart. Not every company today makes the world a better place!

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