Published On:Sunday, 15 January 2017
Posted by Chaudhry


Hi there! My name is Hans, I live in Berlin and make a living by attracting people to various types of network marketing business. But two months ago I changed my job a little bit and it was the right decision that led me to big money.
Asmyworkis one way or another connected with the need to communicate with a big amount of people and constantly network and make new contacts, when I came acrossRichmond Berkscompany, I saw that it’s possible to use these benefits.
To be more precise, by means of affiliate system that the company offers to us.As all I needed was using my MLM leadership skills, I decided to try to create my own affiliate network that could in theory bring me good money.
It all started with my careful examination of all the terms of the affiliate systemwhich can be found on the company’s website. By the way, they turned out to be surprisingly profitable, it’s a rare thing to come across such favourable terms in a company like this. Three-tier affiliate program and a high percentage of revenue let me get the maximum profit from the work with my affiliate network.
I began by inviting my main partner base that was already time-tested, I knew them all rather well and they trusted me, therefore it was quite an easy task to invite them to invest in Richmond Berks.
Nevertheless, I took this task seriously. I didn’t just give them my referral link but phoned each partner, even met some of them and invited them after telling them about the company and the prospects that await them. Over the first week I managed to gain 60 people as my partners.


AfterawhileIstarted to get income. Iearned 12,000$ in just 20 days. I’venevermadesuchaprofitfrom any company. This fired me with enthusiasm and I began to search out partners for expanding my network even more actively.

After 40 days of working with Richmond Berks company, I gained a partner base consisting of 180 people and my income totaled 42,000$! That’s just terrific!
Now it’s already been 2 months since I started working with the company. During these two months I managed to attract 270 people to my affiliate network! As for my total income, I earned 75,000$! It is amazing! I can’t believe it!
I want to say one thing to all those who are still thinking over the opportunity to work with Richmond Berks – you won’t regret it when you start making money here. It’s a unique opportunity for all of us. I plan to expand my affiliate network to 500 people in the next 2 months and increase my profit to 150,000$! Join us!
P.S.: If you’d like to learn more about how to earn by means of affiliate network, leave your comments! If I manage to negotiate with Richmond Berks website management, I will hold a series of webinars on this topic.

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