Published On:Monday, 13 February 2017
Posted by Chaudhry

Bitcoin Investment Solution | Earn Interest Against Bitcoin Price Volatility

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Holding Bitcoin exclusively can be a risky investment due to high price volatility. One day the price can be up 10% then the next day it's down 20%, signifying that Bitcoin can be a risky asset for the average investor. To combat bitcoin’s volatile price fluctuations, we provide the bitcoin lending module on our platform for bitcoin investors, which maintains your asset value and even earn a substantial return on investment.
Investing on BitConnect platform, as you will find, is a safe way to earn a high rate of return on your investment without having to undergo a significant amount of risk.

Referral  Commission 

​Earn Bitcoins by referring new members to the community!
As a means to spread the word, help grow our community, and offer you a great way to earn free Bitcoins, we are now offering a lucrative bonus program which enables you to earn bitcoin for every new user who signs up and lend bitcoins to our lending platform using your affiliate link.
BitConnect’s referral program is designed to provide an unlimited depth of earning potential to you based on the number of lenders. You will earn a commission every time your referral lends bitcoin on our platform. The commission you earn is based on the tier you have achieved in our referral program as shown below:


Invite your friends and family to join BitConnect via your unique referral link to start earning a serious income from our bitcoin affiliate program. Spread the word on social media and other online platforms to help making BitConnect platform a success for the entire community of lenders.
At the same time, generate a serious income for yourself through our bitcoin affiliate program. You can start earning your free bitcoins today for every person you refer and who starts lending on BitConnect platform.

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