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Now Get Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan


You know very well that being a Pakistani it is really hard to do online business, especially if you are abroad, or where ever you are, having PayPal Account is an uphill task. And we also know that Pakistan has struggled much to have rights of having PayPal working, but vein.

This article is written to make you help to get PayPal Account in Pakistan by following un-official way. However, first we have to understand the official way of having PayPal.

Usual Way To Have a Verified PayPal Account and to withdraw funds you need following:
  • You must have one PayPal Account with American address or of any PayPal supported country.
  • Credit Card must be issued by Bank based in USA or from any PayPal supported country toverify the PayPal account.
  • And finally, you must be American resident or have USA bank account or must be resident of PayPal supported country to withdraw PayPal funds.

But, to remind you, the subject isn’t the usual way of having PayPal, the problem is that you are Pakistani, and you need any kind of ‘desi jugaarh’ to get your PayPal. Now we are going to tell you unofficial way (Desi-way) to have Verified Paypal Accountwithout being a National of any PayPal supported country i.e. Pakistani.

What you Need to have Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan:

As you know that you are in unsupported counry to verify your PayPal acoount like Pakistan, you have to take certain tasks to verify your PayPal in unsupported country like Pakistan as given below.
  • Sign up for PayPal account with USA address (You can get a legal USA address easily)
  • Secondly you must have Payoneer prepaid Master Card which is issued by American based Choice bank, if you don’t have, Apply for Payoneer

You Can Verify Your PayPal Account in Pakistan by adopting Following Steps:
  • First of all, Login to your PayPal account
  • Then make sure ‘My Account’ tab is active; if it isn’t, then click on it.
  • Then Under My Account Overview, click the link that says ‘Unverified” beside Status.
  • Enter payoneer card number, 3-digit card code. Billing address
  • Finally Confirm.

Something You Must Know: While all above given actions, your Payoneer Account must be active with having some funds in it because PayPal will exclude some amount from your Payoneer (More or less $1.95) for the verification purpose.


Something to Add: For the sake of confirmation, login to your Payoneer Account and go to transaction history area. You will see 4 digits EXPUSE number given, copy it somewhere or remember it. Now go back to you PayPal Account again by login, enter the 4 digits EXPUSE number in the transaction statement under Link and Confirm Card.
It’s the best way to switching to verify your PayPal account.

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