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Why do youngsters Cheat in Exams?

Intermediate exams are in progress in Karachi. Daily we are reading and viewing about cheating incidents taking place at examination centers set up in province.

Cheating always existed but with the passage of time this menace is strengthening its roots in society.

Around 230,000 students are appearing in these exams in Karachi. Majority of these candidates are not compulsive cheaters but often it is the environment around them that provokes them into cheating in exams. Good students who are well prepared do not cheat and it is among this section of students that we get our top students; as those who resort to unfair means cannot compete with genuine knowledgeable students.

Board of Intermediate Education Karachi which is responsible for taking these exams took many measures to stop cheating but so far the past measures like imposing section 144 around examination centers or raids by vigilance teams are unable to stop cheating

Electronic media is constantly showing the incidents of cheating happening during exams but intrepid students are not worried about the fact that electronic media may air their footage of being caught in exams while cheating.

As a society, we need to do a lot of soul searching to unearth the real reasons of growing cheating trend.

Involvement of political parties’ is one of the major reasons of mounting cheating incidents. Invigilators during exams cannot confront the representatives of various political groups entering inside examination halls and helping their favorite students and to maintain fairness, invigilator allows each student of the class to cheat openly.

Technological advancement has also played its part in the trending cheating culture. One can see students queuing up outside various stationery shops to make micro copy of their course material so that they can easily carry this material and cheat during exams. Students are also using the means of sms, mms and viber for cheating.

Board of Intermediate Education Karachi who is responsible for conducting exams have one complete year to make exams arrangement but pathetic conditions witnessed at many examination centers is enough evidence of examination boards’ complete failure as administrative institution.

Education board needs full support of teachers and parents to eradicate menace of cheating from society but unfortunately they are not getting full support.

Psychology of the student is also crucial and unfortunately in our system students don’t want to learn or broaden his/ her horizon all they are interested in, is passing exams. A reason for this narrow thinking of students is that they are under pressure from the family that they have to complete their education by hook or crook in order to become a bread earner for the family.

If education board is serious and wants to eradicate the cheating system, they need to take drastic steps. Curriculum and style of examination paper is obsolete.

Board of intermediate education should completely revise the existing curriculum and revamp it based on modern scientific lines, to make students better thinkers.

Examination papers also need to be designed on modern lines in order to discourage the current preparation culture where students instead of preparing from the books, prefers preparing selectively and take their cue from past papers available in market. Our education system is becoming stale and kills a student’s imagination so much that they also learn essays by heart as they have no confidence in their own writing ability.

I think for future exams, board should take assistance and support from all quarters in order to improve the education standard and to eradicate the menace of cheating completely, because all these factors are shaking the confidence of our parents on this system; prompting the upper class strata of society to completely move away from this system to the alternate Cambridge system. Creating a further divide in our already divided society.

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