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10 Things Which Keeps You Healthy

How healthy are you? Do you exercise daily? Do you drink water properly? Do you get proper sleep every day “Healthy living” means that having sound mind in a sound body. The lifestyle of a person leads to good life. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the part of healthy diet. Good health doesn’t mean healthy eating and exercise but it is also important to have positive thinking, mental peace, and good approach.
Things Which Keeps You Healthy
Things Which Keeps You Healthy
Drink more water:
Do you know 60% of our body made up of water? Water is very essential for body. Try to drink pure water it will add in your health. Pure water will enhance the skin. Drink 2 liters water every day. Drink water in the beginning as you can but do not drink water at the end of meal.
Sleep well every night:
Sleeping is very important for health. Adults should take 7 to 9 hours sleep daily. At night keep your phone at silent so that no one can interrupt your deep sleep. Less sleep cause laziness.
Quite smoking:
Smoking is very bad for health. Smoking can make you suffer from cancer. To keep healthy quit the smoking. Smoking increases the risk of lungs cancer, kidney cancer, heart attack etc. Quit smoking and live healthy life.
Stay away from fast food:
As we all know fast food is bad for our health, yet it continues to remain a weekly staple for too many people. For one, fast food is often fried, processed, and excessively salty. Fast food can destroy health so keep away from fast food.
Don’t skip breakfast:
Add fruits and juices in your breakfast. It is believed that breakfast is “most important meal of the day”. Start your day with breakfast so that energy can be boost up.
Make little lifestyle changes:
Change your life style prefer walk instead of lift. Join gym and do exercise which will keep you healthy, slim and smart. There are some changes important for your health like cut off oily things from your life it will make you fat. Cut out sugary food like candies, toffees, cakes, cookies, chocolates etc.go for healthy snacks it will make you healthy and happy.
Exercise daily:
Movement in life is very important so do exercise on daily basis.basis. Exercise makes you healthy. The best exercise is that uses stairs instead of using lift. exercise keeps you healthy, control blood pressure, lose weight. Do exercise for 10 minutes daily.
Relation with your family:
Good relationship with family can improve your health. Facebook may be good for your health; Studies show that staying in touch with family keeps you healthy. Healthy relationship with family keeps you healthy. Think positive have positive.
Eat more fruits:
Do you know? Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins. Fill your plate with fruits like orange, grapes, guava, apples, banana, papaya, kiwi etc. Divide the fruits into small meals and add to your diet in order to keep yourself healthy.
Eat green vegetables:
Green vegetables are good source of vitamins. Vegetables are important part in healthy diet. People who eat fruits and vegetables have a reduced risk of many dangerous diseases.

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