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Adversal Review For Advertisers And Publishers


Reviewing an Adnetwork demands a full stretch of knowledge regarding its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Adversal Adnetwork provides pop under and banners advertising for advertisers. They have established the network of high quality publishers mostly from the US and the UK.

Can Be Treated As Adsense Alternative

They are one of the very good adsense alternatives, online since 2003. They are successful in managing their detailed itemized list or the inventory, in actual-time, and by doing so, they are capable of bringing in an increment in their final product, ensuring that one always receives the highest space for his/her adspace. So Adversal is well efficient in maintaining the real-time bidding which allows advertising inventory to continually retain the subtle balance between supply and demand. This real-time bidding proves to be advantageous for adnetwork as it maximizes the results and minimizes the costs by making the campaign more flexible.

For Advertisers

Adversal’s various ad formats and targeting options are quite beneficiary for driving traffic, increasing presence, targeting customers, and even in building up brand awareness. Their system is compatible in managing multiple campaigns, set daily caps, view stats with ease, and also manages to have campaigns auto-recharged upon completion. Its network type is CPM, where one gets paid for every 1000 impressions that the blog receives.

For Publishers

This adnetwork has good CPM rates for most of the countries with the minimum payment threshold being $20, paid via Paypal. It has the good availability of all banners and pop under ad codes with minimum traffic requirements. Thus good traffic and CPM ads of this adnetwork together function as a boon for the customers and enhance the chance of generating more revenue. This adnetwork even provides the facility to accept websites and publishers from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan. But the website must be written in English and the North American and European traffic get better CPM rates. They have brought numerous ad types including PPC ads within the range of their expansion, where the PPC method is one of the various types of algorithms meant to calculate the revenue. Detailed study of Adversal reveals that it provides with much better and constant CPM than many other adnetworks. This adnetwork has the record of earning $0.64 with $0.17 eCPM with 19 clicks and 3,734 impressions.

Thus, registering at this CPM adnetwork is highly recommended if one fulfils their sign up criteria. The rates are determined here with a constructive vision, as we find, the CPM payout rates are determined in real-time, and the payment rates are determined keeping in mind where the traffic is formed, the kind of content and bounce rate in a particular site. And more importantly on the basis of how much an advertiser is willing to pay. Payments are scheduled on Net-15 basis.

Ad Formats

Variety of adtypes, like Banner, Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, Ministitial, Skyscaper, Wide skyscraper, are included within this single head which makes this adnetwork more approachable. Furthermore, payment on the basis of per raw impression and not per visitor widens the possibility for making more money than the usual. Adversal’s usage of a unique code hinders the blocking of their pop-under ads by the pop-up blockers and thus promising payment for each impression.

Final Words

They even maintain decent eCPM rates. They are equipped with great reporting system that allows to track various ad campaigns. Besides these long listed positives of this ad network, we must also be aware about its negatives of which one of the major one is that its payment is biased for the North American based customers. Further, one has to meet difficulties in getting accepted if one does not meet upto the US traffic requirements and their statistics are updated only once daily. Yet it can be concluded that it is a good adnetwork, which has proved to be beneficial for a huge range of customers from around the globe.

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