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MCB Lite Debit Card Review


  • Globally Accepted (Visa). Use at ATMs and Stores all over the world
  • The Only Debit Card that Fully Works on the Internet (Online Shopping)
  • Free Internet Session Activation (UBL Wiz Charges Rs.100 per session)
  • Free Money transfer to any MCB Account or any MCB Lite Holder
  • Online Wallet: Deposit, Withdraw Money Whenever (from Home)
  • Use Online Wallet to Top-up Mobile balance from Home
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Easy to Carry
  • IBFT (Inter-Bank Funds Transfer) Charges only Rs.20/-. Lowest rate.
  • Extremely Safe - Since you can deposit money only when needed and withdraw afterwards
  • Bank Independant - Does Not Require any Bank Account
  • Interest Free - Since No Credit is issued
  • Easy to Get - Fill Online Form, Get Card Delivered at Home and activate at nearest MCB Branch.
  • 100s of Discounts deals
  • No Usage/Transaction Charges


  • No REAL Marketing from MCB. Hardly anyone knows about it.
  • ANNUAL CHARGES OF 300/- You have to pay this within 12-24 hours of Activation. Although still worth it, the charges are perhaps a touch too high. It can deter people who genuinely want to try the product. But UBL WIZ Card No Annual Fee
  • The operational infrastructure is limited. Recently, MCB-Lite applications are facing delays due to a back-log of applicants. The delay in getting the Card can put off people who might never activate when the card finally arrives, due to loss of interest. The current estimated lead time for getting M-Lite is around 15-20 days of filing online application.
  • The annual charges deducted on the day of activation are charged at 5am after card activation. If you don't have sufficient funds (300/-), your account is suspended without intimation.
  • But UBL WIZ Card No Annual Fee
  • Currently, M-Lite cannot be used to pay PTCL EVO Bills. They should add it as soon as possible. (more of a recommendation than a demerit).

  • There might be many Debit Cards out there, but there are few those work on the Internet (Online Shopping), and none that functions like an Online Wallet. I have extensively tried & tested the MCB Lite in the past few weeks, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of service and sheer ease it has brought to my life.
    It is undoubtedly the best Debit Card I have used, mainly due to the following features:
    Bank Independent:
    You do not need a bank account to apply for it. You simply fill an online application and submit a CNIC copy at the nearest MCB branch to get it. Simple as that. Your mobile phone number becomes your Lite A/C #
    Internet Acceptance:
    MCB Lite is the only Debit card that is universally accepted/supported at all Online stores. Those of you who have had the need to make online payments and did not have a card would know that 99% of Pakistani Debit Cards do not support Online Shopping. To my knowledge, only UBL Wiz supports internet shopping and even it has minimal acceptance. This is because international Card Processing companies like Paypal, Skrill, 2CO, Google, FB, etc. have purposely blocked Pakistani (& other third world countries) debit cards to minimize online fraud.
    For now, MCB Lite works as smooth as a credit card and I have never had a problem using it for online shopping. (If you do, then please report it here)
    Online Wallet:
    M-Lite is a fantastic money management tool.  M-Lite comes with an Internet Banking Account through which you can easily deposit, withdraw, transfer & Pay funds. You can transfer funds to your Lite from any Bank Account (support Inter Bank Funds Transfer) through branch deposits, ATM Machines or Internet Banking. The idea is to use it like an online wallet. You can put in funds when you want to spend money with it & withdraw funds back to your bank account (any Bank) through your Internet based account. This way you control your expenditure and ensure maximum security. Yes, it’s a lot more secure than traditional debit cards which are exposed to the total amount in your bank account.
    You can Get MCB Lite by Completing the Online Form Here (Click Here)
    To Read in Full Detail About MCB-Lite, Visit its Website Here (Click Here)
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