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Payoneer Mobile App Is Pure Bliss For Freelancers & Affiliates

When it comes to receiving payment from foreign countries, there is only handful of companies out there. I discovered about Payoneer service in 2009 but started using them recently. After realizing how much money I can save when receiving money via Payoneer over PayPal or Payza, now I try to receive majority of my affiliates & advertisement payments via them. ( I will share the difference & money I saved via this in future posts).
I’m in a quest to explore more about them & will keep sharing more learning & use cases with you in the coming days. For today, I will share about free Payoneer mobile app that is available for both iOS & Android. In this post, I will share my experience with the app & if you are an existing user of Payoneer, you would love to have their mobile app.
Payoneer mobile app
For those who have never used Payoneer, it’s a service like PayPal which let you receive payment from foreign countries (Learn more here). You can also use Payoneer to receive payment from various affiliate program including Amazon affiliate program. Freelancers can send an invoice to their client & your clients can pay via credit card.
What I like most about them are the minimum transaction fees that would save a hell lot of money in every transaction. In most of the countries, they offer Payoneer card that users can use as an ATM card or to make payment online. Unfortunately for me & other India users, due to Indian government regulations we can’t enjoy the benefits of Payoneer Master card. For Indians, your receive funds will be transferred into the bank account next day. If you want to read more on the woes of Indian bloggers & freelancers due to this regulation, read here.
For now, if you don’t have a Payoneer account, I recommend you to create one using link below. You will get the signup bonus of $25 (Guaranteed)which you would receive as soon as you finish your first $100 transactions.
Now you know about a useful service for yourserld, now it’s time to look at the review of their newly launched mobile app. It’s no brainer that mobile app is essential in today’s date & all progressive companies have one for all major mobile OS.

Payoneer mobile app features & review:

Payoneer mobile app gives access to your detailed transaction and payment history & is available in more than 18 languages. If you are existing Payoneer user or just signed up, download the app for your smartphone from below link:
Now login to your app using your Payoneer account login.  Once you are inside the app, the very first thing you would like to do is setup your language (If any other than English) & add 4 digital login code for extra security.
Payoneer mobile app settings
You can also change your Payoneer account password from the mobile app too. I believe this is why they don’t have auto-login enabled for now, which I hope they would allow in future.
Using the app you can check your recent transactions or transactions you have made in any time-frame. I checked it for last one year & it worked flawlessly.
All tranaction list
Further, you can click on any transactions from the list to see the details about it. Here are one example transaction details from my app:
Transaction details on mobile
The app also has more options like seeing your billing address, access to their forum from the app & you can also open a support ticket. Overall for freelancers, Digital nomad or digital marketers who travel a lot would make most out of Payoneer mobile app.
I would look forward to seeing more features in coming days. For now, do try the app & let me know your views & experience of it. In coming days, I will be sharing many interesting tricks & usage of Payoneer web-service.
Do let us know how are you using Payoneer? How’s your experience & why do you prefer it over other services to receive payment?

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