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NMForum – The Good & The Scam? is one of the biggest internet marketing forums in the world. It is the very same forum that helped Andy and I got to where we are today. That being said, I want to warn everyone and anyone reading this article that there’s a lot of scam happening as well. 

First, let’s start with why I recommend you spend some time on the NMForum. For starters, it’s a place where you can learn some basic internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, CPA Marketing, Copy-writing and heaps more. In terms of content, it definitely has it all. However, with any free content it’s never complete and you probably will need to do more extra research and study on your own.
Also, as you contribute to the forum you will slowly meet some new “Internet Marketing” friends with whom you can obviously connect, share ideas and help each other out.
I won’t go into all the benefits and features of the Warrior Forum, but I must mention one thing. That is the ability to sell products and services there. This means that you can literally build a business online just by selling products and services to other members.
This also leads me to the main point I want to discuss in this article and that is BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!
Yep, I said it!
Almost 90% of the members on the NMForum are there for a reason. They want to learn how to market and make money online. In fact, there are over 18,000 searches on Warrior Forum every month…
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Because of this reason, it makes it extremely easy to sell products to these people, because they fall under the “Desperate” market.
This is where it gets very messy and quite sad to be honest. :(
Any products sold online or offline has to fulfil one thing and that is satisfy the customer.
However, it is quite the opposite when it comes to products and services on the NMForum.
Now, before I continue, I just want to say that of course there are good people on the forum selling good quality products. But there are also just too many products being sold there, which are complete junk!
“Why would anyone buy a product on the NMForum, if most of them are junk, right?”
That’s the logic, but because we’re talking about a “Desperate” market, it makes it extremely easy to sell to this vulnerable market.
For example, you can easily put up a sales page with the headline “Discover how you can make $380 per day using this one simple trick” and probably get a few sales REGARDLESS of the content.
It’s literally that easy to sell there.
That’s why I you need to make sure that the product you’re buying has good reviews, comes from a reputable seller, who is doing what he or she is teaching. Also make sure there is a refund period.
Another warning I want to give you is this: Do not get carried away lurking around the NMForum!
The forum is there to help you, but you must also take action on your end if you want results. Reading posts and posting yourself will not make you money. I know a few people who pretty much spend all day there and they wonder why they’re not making money! :(
So there you have it guys…
My honest opinion on the Warrior Forum. :)
So just a recap…
The NMForum is definitely an awesome place, if you want to learn basic internet marketing related content. However, you must be careful when buying products or services there because there are lots of shady marketers, who sell anything for a few bucks. Also make sure you take action on what you learn and do not spend all day playing on the NMForum. That will not make you any money.
Hope you guys enjoyed the read and feel free to leave your personal opinion below :)

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