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Online blog, a source of income

What is the new ” job ” in which everyone can earn money from home, while sitting on the Chair? Having a blog!
Blogs are web platform capable of supporting almost any type of information: information, video, audio and text. The advantages are numerous: a blog post can be created quickly, at a single click, it’s easy to handle and allows relationships between authors and readers through comments system.
What is the initial investment?
The price of a blog means web hosting, domain and any changes that are required in order to achieve a beautiful interface for visitors. In short, if we do the necessary calculations, 20-30 Euro/year is the support and the maintenance for a self hosted blog (with host and domain). At such a price, we’d be tempted to think that a blog is just a play, but this is totally untrue!
What are the advantages of a blog?
They are real, because the Internet will offer the same chance to get audience in certain niches like any other website, whether it belongs to a media trust or someone who has no connection with media world. No matter who you are, regardless of your actual experience in web, irrespective of knowledge of programming or web, you have a real chance to make audience (money) on a nice well established, which you think you can handle well!
Where does the audience come from?
The majority of websites (blogs, for the most part) are acquainted with visitors through searches on the search engines. Any niche (industry) represents the public interest and if you have a blog that provides information relevant to one niche, you can get the audience through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) or with the help of other bloggers who appreciate your blog, making you advertisement for free!
The beautiful part is that search engines will not put in “above” positions  the websites that pay well or have financial support, but will only help those who provide relevant information, which are appreciated by other readers…which is why we can say that you have all the chances to collect an audience of tens or thousands of unique visitors per day, if you know what you are doing and appreciated among the bloggers!
How to earn money?
Finally, we reached the most interesting point of the article! The only method by which a blog can earn money is selling advertising, as well as from newspapers, tv, radio etc. However, the forms by which it can sell advertising is different, and here are a few main methods:
1. Google Adsense – the largest advertising network in the world, from which some bloggers have managed to become millionaires in euro! Google Adsense is very simple: you register a Google account, you sign up for their program, then they will create ads that you can add to your site. The ads can have any shapes and coats you want (horizontal, vertical, text, visuals). Once inserted into your blog, you can begin to earn money from each click that your visitors from your site make on an ad. The system is very simple: advertisers (those who buy commercials) pay Google a certain amount of money to advertise, Google take the command and places the ads on the sites of its partners (Publishers – those who use Adsense), and for each click made on the commercial, a part of the money will go to the website owner and the rest goes into Google account. Probably wondering how much you earn for every click-a question whose answer is relative. Google pays publishers with the earned money from Advertisers and venues vary from niche to niche. To form an image, a nice like  “online games” its payed sometimes even with half-cent/click, but others can reach up to 2! If the niche is better paid, the harder is for you to win audience, due to fierce competition.
2. Selling advertorials – another source of income for a known blogger known is selling Advertorials or “guest posts”. An advertorial is an article written in order to arouse the interest of your audience across some services/products offered by others. For example, you have an IT blog and a computer store from your country wishes to publish an article on your blog, an article that says a few words about their computers and shows services offered on their website, along with one or more links. This way to promote a business is very prevalent and has two big benefits for the buyer of advertorial: increases the authority of the site to which the link goes and wins real clients.
3. With the help of affiliate programs – Sometimes it is better to choose an affiliate program than Google Adsense, which is very large and sometimes do not correlate well with that of your niche advertisers. The idea is to think about what are the chances that your visitors click on the ads and how you can increase your conversion rate, and with the help of affiliate programs you can exponentially increase your winnings, beacuse they are better targeted (if they are chosen rigth).
An affiliate program differentiates itself from Google Adsense or other advertising programs through the simple fact that the money will go into your account only when your visitors click on the link and buy the product behind it. In the case of an advertising program you earn money when visitors click on the given ads, but in the case of affiliate networks you win percentage of total sales.
4. Selling links – even if it is not too well seen by Google, selling links is very much practiced. The price of a link’s value increases with the number of visitors to your blog, PR (page rank), age of the domain, the number of pages on the blog. The most important factor is the PR’s blog, and a link on a PR 4 blog can easily pass 4 euro/month, depending on the used niche. Think of it as you can sell over 10 links without going to decrease the quality of the blog!
The way that a blogger can pull money are many, and those who succeed are the ones that don’t just start with the idea of making money, but are passionate about the niche that they describe in their own words!

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