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List of Top SEO Keyword Research Tools 2016

As a blogger every one want that his blog get ranked well but google has made it more difficult and quite tough because thousand of newbies introduced their websites online every month. At this time 2015 if you are thought to ranked better then you should Keep many things and strategies keep in mind then you can get better result.
Proper Keywords, Content Management, Damian name and platform, social promotion of blog and valid SEO compulsory in order to get ranked  better. Although it is difficult to do each and every thing parallel with out you can not think that your blog Grow up. If someone steal website content then you can report and stop them. Here I write  a quick guide to stop stealing content by others & their treatment.
There are number of Keyword research tools available which make our task easier. Relevant ideas groups, suggestions and keywords will be shown by tools when you put you desired keyword in input box. I’ve sort out few popular and authentic SEO Keyword research Tools.

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Online Keywords Research Tools

  Google Adword Keyword Planner
Google Adwords Keywords Tool is my first choice and I always prefer it because it most extensively and appropriate tool used by million web owners over the internet. It is more frequently using  tool to suggest keywords ideas, phrase and relevant keyword  list of short tail and long tail on a global search basis. It is free tool to use every one use it free of cost.
Semrush is one of the best research tool after Google Adwords but it is not free, it is a premium tool which allows marketers to research a competitor’s keywords in organic. It is easy to use as compared to Google Adwords, Interface are simple and give a nice overview of traffic, organic keywords, ads Keywords and much more. Semruch great for analyzing you or your competitor’s site.
Now recently Semruch offer to use Semrush for trail period.
Wordtracker is also one popular keyword research tool at which professional & online marketers used and trust on it. Wordtracker helps to maximize profits and grow your business around the world.  Toolkit and plenty of  features enables you get trusted result, save your time, find profitable new market niches and boost your search engine ranked. This is not a free tool to use you have to paid monthly.
  Keyword Discovery
Keyword Discovery tool superb tool and have unique as compared to others competitor tools. It suck keywords from many search engines around the world and provide related statistics when any user put desired keywords in search box. I suggest you to use premium version because you miss all major benefits and advantages if  you are going to you trial version.
  Bing Keyword Research Tool
Bing keyword Research tool lunched by Bing webmaster and provides upto 6 months historical data. It is awesome and ideal tool for searching long tail and short tail Keyword research. It support multiple languages and helps you to get ideas in multiple languages.
Keyword researching although little bit difficult in practical, but useful if you are looking to boost your blog’s visibility in search. If you find these tools useful and helpful optimize your blog for search, don’t stop yourself to give feedback via commenting below.

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