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Reham Khan and Ayan Ali Lead Google Top Trends for Pakistan in 2015

Every year, Google tracks the most searched terms or the top trending searches and categorizes them as the most trending Searches and most trending People for a country. Since its already end of 2015, Google released its list of top trending searches for Pakistan and other countries. What were the most searched for queries by Pakistanis.

What were the most searched for queries by Pakistanis

While people’s searches were nothing short of shocking, overall searches represented people’s interest in entertainment. Top trending searches included entertainment related terms varying from sports to dramas and movies. Most of the results came as a surprise and some not so surprising at all. Astoundingly the most searched for personalities on Google were Reham Khan and Ayan Ali. Can you imagine? (Sure you can if you were the ones searching those terms).
It won’t be wrong to say that the Google search box represents a country’s citizens’ mindset and their interests. For Pakistan, topics of interest included some popular or disgraced celebrities. The results were also accompanied by the popular YouTube alternative, YTPak, and a bunch of Indian dramas and movies.
“We define the trending queries as the searches that had the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2015 as compared to 2014,” said a Google spokesperson. According to Google, tracking trends of the year instead of the top searches is a much better way to determine the terms and people. These terms grew in popularity compared to last year.

Top Entertainment Trends Searched by Pakistanis on Google

Top searched terms were led by “YTPak” and “Big Boss 8” followed by Indian dramas and movies. “ICC Cricket World Cup 2015” was also ranked amongst the top searches. Take a look at the list below:
Google top trending searches pakistan

Top People Searched by Pakistanis on Google

Top searched people were led by Reham Khan and Ayan Ali followed by celebrities from around the world. Here’s the list for trending people on Google:
Google rop trending people pakistan
Head here to take a more detailed look at both the lists. Google also gives details on the regions that were more interested in these search terms and which terms, similar to the top trending ones, were searched alongside the popular ones.

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