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Don’t need democracy that resides only in power corridors of Islamabad

Don’t need democracy  that resides only in power  corridors of Islamabad

KARACHI: Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) leader Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday asked the government to give comprehensive democratic rights to the people of Karachi.
“The first step towards democracy is the local governance,” he told the PSP’s first-ever political rally held in Karachi’s Bagh-e-Jinnah. “We do not believe in democracy that only resides in the provincial and federal assemblies,” he said, and added that democracy should start at grass-root level, which will truly benefit the people. Local government bodies need to be introduced to empower the people at large, he said.
“We want the people to be NAB, we want the union councils answerable to their neighbourhoods,” said Kamal. “Ministers spending public funds in the name of development schemes is against the law and constitution of Pakistan and are used to steal public funds,” he said. “To build schools and mend sewage lines are not the work of assemblies. The MPAs are only responsible for making laws,” he added.
The former Karachi mayor said his party has succeeded in sending its message across the people of Pakistan. “We have set a world record of fetching so many people in the rally of our newly-created party. It has just been 30 days since we launched our party and thousands have come here to express their solidarity with us,” he added.
The former senator said the army-led operations in Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) would not solve the country’s problems. “The provincial and federal governments should fill the vacuum which is left by the army operations against terrorists. They should take care of works like setting up schools, water supply and cleaning sewage lines.”
The PSP leader announced that he will launch an exclusive political campaign in the country and will visit every corner of Pakistan. “I will go to every nook and corner of Pakistan, not for votes: I will tell them to stick to the ideology they follow, but at least give me a chance to tell you about my stance,” he said.
“When you return to your homes, streets tonight, embrace the people you fought. Befriend them and tell them that now no Pakistani will take life of another Pakistani,” Kamal added.
Towards the end of his public address, Kamal said he was grateful to all those who attended and those who helped in arranging the public address.

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