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Think twice before taking any step: Nawaz to rivals

Think twice before taking  any step: Nawaz to rivals

MANSEHRA: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday vowed not to let anyone sabotage the PML-N government’s agenda of people’s development and warned his political opponents of masses’ strong reaction.
“I want to tell the leg pullers that if they will create hurdles in the way of Pakistan’s development, the masses will throw them out,” he said while addressing a large public gathering in Dhudhial, after performing the ground-breaking of Havelian-Thakot section of the Hazara motorway.
The prime minister asked his political opponents to fully ponder over before taking any steps as the masses were not ready to tolerate any hurdle in the way of development. “We will not let you create any hurdles in the way of Pakistan’s development and will not let you sabotage the agenda of people’s development,” he added.
Nawaz said the PML-N government would continue its journey of people’s progress and prosperity while the people will themselves tackle the conspirators.
The prime minister referred to the ground-breaking of Havelian-Thakot section of Hazara motorway and said he had embarked on the journey of people’s progress and prosperity and was not out for public meetings and rallies. “Ours is the agenda of development across Pakistan, prosperity and betterment of masses and elimination of unemployment and not that of dharnas.”
The prime minister said the government had earlier started work on the construction of Burhan-Havelian section of Hazara motorway and now in the second phase, work on the motorway from Havelian to Shinkiari was being started. He said this motorway was not less in quality in any manner when compared with Lahore-Islamabad-Peshawar motorway as it was also a six-lane project.
The prime minister said due to construction of this motorway, the travel time from Burhan to Shinkiari will reduce from five hours to less than one and half hours that will benefit the people of this area a lot.
He said this motorway will connect the people of this area with the whole of Pakistan upto Karachi through network of roads and motorways, adding it was a message of peace, progress and prosperity for the people of this area.
Nawaz said the PML-N did not believe in mere slogans but actions, as all the mega projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) including the Islamabad-Peshawar motorway were initiated by the PML-N governments.
He said despite the fact that the PML-N did not have its government in KP, it was launching various development projects in the province. “Where is the new Pakistan? Who is making the new Pakistan?” he questioned.
He said the PML-N believed in the service of masses and not in slogans, adding, the people would themselves question those who raised mere slogans.
The prime minister said when the PML-N government would complete its remaining two years in power in 2018, people would see a prosperous Pakistan in the form of end in electricity scarcity and elimination of load shedding.
Nawaz mentioned the ground-breaking of Havelian-Thakot section of Hazara motorway project and said, “I do not merely cut the ribbons, but inaugurate the completed projects.” He said due to the government’s policies, inflation had curtailed and with several industrial units being installed across the country, Pakistan had been put on the rails of progress and its economy had come to the take-off position.
The prime minister said the water reservoirs and power projects including Bhasha Dam, Dasu Dam, Terbella Dam would generate hundreds of mega watts of electricity.
Nawaz Sharif, who also inaugurated the gas supply pipeline of 12 inch diameter, said the pipeline would benefit the people of Oghai, Pakhal, Tanawal and Balakot and would be extended upto Kaghan and Naran to discourage deforestation.
He said these were the billions of rupees projects, adding when it comes to public service, even billions of rupees had no worth. The prime minister on this occasion announced one billion rupees for Hazara University in addition to the amount of Rs 660 million granted by the federal government for the university. He also directed the authorities concerned for the reconstruction of houses damaged in the 2005 earthquake. 

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