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UK grants visa to cleric who incited Mumtaz Qadri

UK grants visa to  cleric who incited  Mumtaz Qadri

ISLAMABAD: The British government has given a multiple visa for a limited period to Mufti Hanif Qureshi, who allegedly convinced Mumtaz Qadri to assassinate Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer through his emotional speech.
According to details, Qureshi delivered an emotional speech and accused Taseer of blasphemy. Qadri was present there and was greatly impressed with Qureshi’s speech. He was deployed on security of Taseer and he assassinated the governor.
It is worth mentioning here that Taseer had categorically said on a TV programme that he did not commit any blasphemy and stated that he strongly condemned the blasphemer. Despite this, Qadri assassinated him in line with an edict issued by Qureshi.
It is a matter of concern that the British government has adopted double standards in this regard. On one hand it levels allegations of extremism against Muslims and on the other it gives visas to people like Qureshi who promote intolerance in the society. Muslims were suspected whenever an incident of terrorism occurred in Europe and the United Kingdom.
When contacted for his version on the issue, Qureshi asked which secret agency gave you this information and switched off his cell phone. After this, Online again contacted him but the person who picked up the call did not tell his name and said that Qureshi left for UK on Wednesday morning. 

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