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Driving licenses go digital in Sindh


KARACHI – The Sindh Police have introduced a new computerized driving license system, enabling citizens to obtain driving licences through a mobile application.
IGP AD Khawaja inaugurated the new computerized driving license system during a ceremony at Driving License Office, Clifton Branch yesterday.
The bid to make the system computerized will also counter fake driving licenses, the IGP said on the occasion.
Now the driving license will be linked with NADRA’s online system, which also means that the renewal time for old licenses will be reduced to 15 minutes, and issuance of new licenses will take 40 minutes.
The smartphone application ‘Driving Licence Sindh’ was introduced earlier this year for the convenience of Sindh citizens. This will also allow individuals to get information about the licenses through the app or SMS alerts, thus preventing them from having to wait in long queues. These computerized licenses will be acceptable globally.
The citizens of Sindh will be able to submit the license fee in any bank. Online payments are also acceptable.
On the other hand, the Punjab province has Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) which automates the processes of license issuance, upgrades and renewal. The system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide quick service to the public.

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