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Asif Zardari calls for joint efforts to solve Pakistan’s crisis

Former president Asif Ali Zardari called for joint efforts to solve the crisis faced by the country, offering to sit with the incumbent regime for the purpose.
Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly on Wednesday, the co-chairman of Pakistan peoples Party expressed that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was his brainchild.
He continued that if Gwadar is excluded from the corridor then there’s nothing left behind.
‘We were ready to work with Nawaz Sharif and we are still ready to work with the sitting regime,’ said Zardari and added that they [PPP] will support the regime for 5 years.
He continued that the Afghan issue was also a crisis faced by the country but hastened to add that the affairs should be dealt with in a judicious manner.
‘Enough is enough, I have spent 12 years behind bars and now age around 64 but when will we make the country prosperous for children,’ inquired the former president.
The lawmaker, who’s speech was listened to with complete silence, expressed that they will make the country strong but not by short-term transactions.
‘The amount secured by the current government is not enough for the country,’ said Zardari and added that he takes the current debt crisis with stride.
Every political force has its own ideology but we try to look down upon each other in our political discourse, the politician said.
He noted that the issue of water crisis relates to human rights, adding that his party constructed Darawar dam in Sindh.
‘Let us join hands to solve the problems,’ offered the former president in a gesture hailed by federal minister Shafqat Mehmood.

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