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Mahira Khan visits Facebook, Google headquarters

Actor Mahira Khan recently visited the Google and Facebook Headquarter in the US, according to reports. Khan is currently in the US where she is seeking for support for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. The actor shared pictures of the visit to Google and Facebook Headquarter on her social media.
The 33-year-old star wrote of her experience at Google in her post. “I am not a tech geek but man I was geeking out at Google Headquarters! Can’t wait to go back, had a great time. We at Shaukat Khanum are grateful for the support,” she said, adding, “PS, It’s true. Google does know everything.”
In another posted, Mahira stated, “Thank you Facebook for having us. On behalf of Shaukat Khanum, we visited the campus and had a great talk there. Through Facebook we have been raising awareness for years now and hopefully will continue to do so.
The ‘Verna’ actor previously attended a fundraiser with starlet Maya Ali. Similar to other actors who indulge in philanthropic activities, Mahira used her stardom to support the right cause. Apart from international visits, the Humsafar actor has been visiting Afghan refugee camps across the country.

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